Sydney Male Choir

Sydney Male Choir - The Awakening

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Sydney Male Choir
Sydney Male Choir welcomes you to our livestreaming and music sales website.
We pride ourselves as among the best TTBB (1st & 2nd Tenors, Baritones & Basses) Choirs in Australia. We may be based in Sydney, but we have choristers from all over Sydney, the Central Coast, even over 220 kilometres both north and south of Sydney. We have sung all over New South Wales, across the border to Victoria and Queensland, floated across to Tasmania (twice) and overseas to New Zealand (again, twice). Two trips to Great Britain and France were spectacular.
Our Music? Earlier on we sang in the Welsh tradition, but we've sung the classical composers, such as, Beethoven, Bizet, Wagner, etc.; the musicals and shows, such as, Gershwin, Lloyd Weber, Rogers & Hammerstein, etc.; Australiana, from folk, folk medleys to modern; also, Spirituals, Beatles, Doo up, Hits from the 1950s on….to…. say, Little River Band, Leonard Cohen and Queen. Also, we moved across to Christmas Carols and Religious and Spiritual Songs. Is there much else to cover – well, we haven’t transferred to Hard Rock….yet!
Our history is over 100 years – since 1913. The number of individual recordings of our songs now total over 200. So here we are offering a sample variety of our more recent recordings.

PRICES: CDs (including free streaming) - $15
Streamed Albums - $13
Streamed Tracks - $3