Date: 06/01/2022 08:00 PM

Thu, 06 Jan 2022, 8:00 PM

MoshPit Bar

Erskineville, Sydney, Australia
Event Info:

8:00pm" The Tim Towner Trio

"Tim Towner is one of those independents who keeps Australia's Music thriving and vital. Based in the Blue Mountains, his first album, Ragas and Talas, is a genuine independent production. It is an album full of mystical visions, hints of the middle east, some great guitar and that quintessentially Australia surf sound that somehow seeps through the pores of local musicians. It's pointless trying to categorise Tim Towner. You can sense he's listened to some good blues, a Pink Floyd album or two and picked up on the vitality of world music. Somehow they all merge into a highly original sound. Like many good Australian musicians, he obviously draws from the world around him. It results in an airy feeling of freedom that can't be experienced in a tightly settled, big city world. Tim Towner is the type of musician that underpins Australian music" - Bernie Howitt, author of "Rock Through History" and "My Generation."


9:00pm" Real" Red" Rhythm

Real" Red" Rhythm" is a groove trio playing beat driven, psychedelic, jazz blues dipped catchy original tunes. The music has a feel good vibe to get you up dancing, singing along, or, for the seasoned fellow, simply standing and raising your glass in approval as you remember the good old days. Their original music draws on soul acts from Motown and Stax Records and funky bands from the Woodstock era.

So what are you really in for? To quote Chris: "We're going to play you some......Pornography for the ears"

Prepare to embark on a musical journey that takes you from folk, to funk, to groove, to riffs to searing electric guitar psychedelia and back again into a timeless bluesy swing before melting your mind all over again with Latin percussion mayhem and beyond. No two performances are ever the same.

This is a rare opportunity to see three seasoned talented musicians letting loose doing what they love.


10:00pm" Metebellis III

Submerged in Fender guitars through fender amps with lush Fender reverb and anchored with a powerful" rhythm" section, is the sound of Metebellis III. It is a full frontal cortex assault on the senses with a tunes digging into to the fertile grounds and Bells Beach surf sounds of post Dick Dale and Link Wray. If you like Matchbox 20, you'll hate Metebellis III. If you like brain-altering instrumentals you will be satiated and your reawakened hypothalamus and shrunken amygdala will thank you in the morning

But how did they get their name ?

Metebellis III was an acclaimed blue planet in the Acteon Galaxy. The Third Doctor (Who) embarked upon travelling to Metebellis III numerous times during his tenure as UNIT's scientific adviser on 20th century Earth, describing its unparalleled beauty. When he finally arrived there, he was met by dangerous native wildlife consisting of 3 crazy men, armed with instruments and naming their band after the magnificent blue wonder that is Metebellis III.


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