Date: 09/10/2020 08:30 PM

Live Stream Video (Not a back up or archived gig)

Fri, 09 Oct 2020, 8:30 PM

Boogie Mountain

Level 2/33-35 Darlinghurst Rd, Potts Point
Event Info:

To celebrate the release of '14th Floor' (OUT NOW!), Renwick will be playing a headline show at Boogie Mountain (The Potts Point Hotel) on October 9. He will be joined by Morgues.


Renwick is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and wannabe from the Central Coast of NSW (currently in Sydney town). ‘That's How It Goes' - the infectious, psych-infused bedroom pop single off his second EP ‘I'm Not Happier, I Just Bought a Guitar' - currently sits at over 500,000 streams on Spotify, spurred on by praise from indie music blogs worldwide. ‘You'll Only Make It Worse' - the slower and darker single off his third EP, ‘I Hope You Feel Good in the Morning' - followed suit and despite marking a sonic shift (he lost the plot and decided he was Leonard Cohen for a couple of months) received praise from blogs such as Queen City Sounds & Art (US), Come Here Floyd (US) and Pulp (AUS). Renwick promises to keep pumping 'em out until his speakers bust and his midi keyboard buckles.

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