Date: 27/11/2021 04:00 PM

Sat, 27 Nov 2021, 4:00 PM

MoshPit Bar

Erskineville, Sydney, Australia
Event Info:

From the beaches of Australia's Mid- North Coast to the share houses of Sydney's Inner-West; The Minties come together to bring you their special brew of Australian rock and roll. A combination of different influences fight to create a unique style of New-Age Australian rock, with tracks governed by a deep love for blues and funk. Drummer, Jack Race, and bassist, Simon Bell, lay the groundwork for a driving sound with impressive percussive elements and an intuitive groove. Guitarist, Benjamin Atkinson, is in the business of blues, bringing electric lead melodies, fantastic syncopated rhythms and the off-the cuff feel The Minties have come to embody. Frontman, Nicholas Christie, showcases a love of Post rock and Post-punk stylings, whilst managing to combine just enough cliches and hedonistic rambling to keep things interesting. With diverse influences the boys create a beautiful offset from the archetype of Australian rock. From the Inner West of Sydney come Goons - weaving their way through infectious rock grooves sustained by raw vocals and high-flying guitar lines - brandishing a unique style laced with the jaunty undertone of their appellation. Drawing sonic influence from rock juggernauts like Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and the primal energy of early Strokes and Bloc Party, Goons come with the ambitious goal of pumping new life into an old heart.

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