Date: 29/10/2022 08:30 PM

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MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Sat, 29 Oct 2022, 8:30 PM
Sydney, Australia

Stoner rock riffs, wild guitar solos, good times and rhymes brought to you by our sponsors Bad Absalom// Burn the Highway// A.g (47)// Traumasaur. Bad Absalom: Sydney-based troupe of idiots looking to bring our flavour of stoner-infused punk rock to as many stages as possible. Burn the Highway: Sydney's rising hard rock stars Burn The Highway are bringing their live show for the first time to your city in 2022. Influenced by heavy metal, punk, pop and hip hop, the unique hybrid sound makes this a show not to be missed. So make sure to catch the band on one of their following dates through NSW and ACT. The bands debut album Weapon X drops early 2022 and the music videos have already reached over 300,000 views before even stepping on the stage. Be there from the start as Burn The Highway arms itself for global domination. A.g (47): Born in Port Macquarie 2019 and reaching down to Sydney in 2021, The entire A.g (47) project is a hybrid of styles, refusing to be placed in a box the band like to experiment with different rock and rap genres and hopefully bring something new to the table. Featuring Arman Ashouri as the fire spitting vocalist, Arman draws influence from classic rappers such as Cypress Hill, Wu-Tang Clan, and Eminem. On slide/rhythm guitar is James (aka Mister Morales), the glue that connects A.g (47) together. James' musical background is a checkered one. A self-taught punk rock guitarist, James just plugs in his instruments and turns it up to 11. Raised on progressive rock, James doesn't like to settle into one style of music and instead creates from a desire to blur the boundaries of a genre. Dean Tuckwell brings polish to the band on lead guitar. Classically trained, Dean balances out James' outlandish ideas and reigns them into something more palatable. Inspired by the likes of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, Dean brings the flavour of classic rock to the table. Oli Harris on the bass, is a man of mystery. He swoops in last minute and bangs out some dope bass lines and leaves just as quickly. Finally.... N.O de Veigh.... on drums. Wild AF. Was found living living in a toilet block, just so happened he could bang drums real good! Full Metacore fan, N.O follows in the footsteps of acts like Parkway Drive and Bring Me The Horizon, bringing a punchy backline of venom for the band to build off. A.g (47) is a mixed bag, Frankenstein of sounds. Traumasaur: 5 dudes coming together to smash out messy, punk, garage rock sounds with a splash of keys, harmonies, beers and good times!

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