Date: 26/03/2021 08:00 PM

MoshPit Bar, Erskineville

Fri, 26 Mar 2021, 8:00 PM
Sydney, Australia

Restless Leg will launch the first single titled 'The Wheel It Turns' from its forthcoming album titled Dream Buffet, performing live and live streamed from Moshpit. Special guests are Key Out and Lewis Goldmark. Sydney band" Restless" Leg (RL) was born in March 2012 at a party in an Erskineville backyard. Constant gigging through the rest of that year shaped a sound built on lean and direct song arrangements recalling classic Antipodean indie rockers such as The Go-Betweens and The Clean. RL released their self-titled debut in June 2013 and follow up album" Some Kind of" Restless" (SKoR) in October 2017. To recreate SKoR live, guitarist Adam Taylor (Sam Shinazzi Band) was invited to join to showcase the band's broadened palette of sounds. RL's soon to be released third album was recorded over five days at" Lost Sound Recording Studio" in the inner-Sydney suburb of Marrickville. Equal parts Flying" Nun" indie-rock, Velvet Underground inspired drone and shambolic Pavement-tinged country," Restless" Leg have conjured a smorgasbord of imagery, stories, poetry, half-baked schemes and overcooked memories to fully realise the character and eccentricities of the songs that comprise their brand new album" Dream Buffet. Dream Buffet" will be released June 2021.

Lewis Goldmark is the new project for Belles Will Ring frontman, Liam Judson. This time we have chilly guitars, glowing synths, along with Liam's own unique melodicism all coming together to form dystopian lullabies. Equally inspired by Leisure Suit Larry as it is by New Order. Featuring members of Lovetones and Liz Martin Band.

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