Green Hand Band

Date: 18/07/2020 06.45 PM

Price: $12.50 (Includes $1.14 GST)

Poverty, racism and inequality are cornerstone concepts Redfern-based reggae fusion group Green Hand Band aims to break down barriers about. Drawing musical influences from soul, reggae and desert rock genres, the group uses music to raise awareness of issues such as recovering from addiction, spiritual empowerment, love and social justice. Key writer, keyboard player and vocalist, Tim Gray leads the band bringing an infectious passion to the stage. “I want to make music that heals, that breaks down barriers and explores the human condition,” Tim says.

The current lineup of Green Hand Band is Tim Gray on vocals/keys, Troy Russell on guitar, Minnie Ryan on trumpet, Dave Howell on bass, Mert Balkani on drums, Michael Brown on saxophone and Amanda Dwyer backing vocals.


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